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I have been programming since I was around eight or nine years old. I have worked on a variety of different kinds of software in Visual Basic, C++ and Java. Unfortunately, I don't have time to finish most of my software projects. Most of them have been more of a learning experience than an actual attempt at creating a specific piece of software. I would get a good idea and immediately sit down and see if I could make it work. Among my unfinished projects is a text editor, a diary application, a simple office suite, a notebook program, a strategy game, a database editor, bible software, a chess game, brainstorming software, a local email program for kids, and a sticky notes utility. However, once I get my ideas to work, they usually get dropped by the wayside for lack of time. Perhaps some day I will come back and finish them.

A few of my projects, however, worked so well or were so useful that I worked on them until I got a relatively polished product. However, I have little time and few funds to spend on finishing software. If I get many requests (and perhaps other "incentives"...), I may work and finish some of my other projects. In the meantime, the projects that have been "finished" are available for download below.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional programmer. The following software is provided "as-is," with no guarantee or warranty. I am not responsible for any damage done to your system or any other ill effects caused by the use or misuse of the following software. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Java Software


Rubik Unbound

A neat little Rubik's Cube applet that I modified just a tad so that it would resize properly.



JAML is really more of a developer's tool than a real program; it helps Java programmers by allowing them to use a special form of XML to build a user interface for their program, similar to Microsoft's XAML.



Paradox is a simple engine for parsing and evaluating infix mathematical expressions using a recursive descent parsing algorithm. In English, however, Paradox is simply a nice scientific calculator with a multi-line display and graphing capability. Check it out.

Windows-only Software



My newest app lets you send quick messages over a local network. Fun to play with during computer class!



Do you hate wandering around in the Start menu trying to find the application that you want? Is your desktop cluttered with so many icons it looks like your junk drawer? Wouldn't you rather have a clean, intuitive and quick solution to launching applications? Look no further...AppExec was made for you.



An extension of AppExec, QuickLaunch allows you to launch applications even faster, sometimes nearly INSTANTLY.



Do you have a graphics disk (or several) with hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of images and clipart? Unless it comes with a special preview program, it is probably a pain to find the image that you want. This program takes the pain out of the process by showing you thumbnails of many images at once, allowing you to quickly pinpoint the precise image you want.



Have you ever had a large file that you needed to transfer from one computer to another by disk or email? Chances are that your file was too big to fit on a single disk. And who wants to wait for a large (5+ MB) file to transfer over email? FileSplit assists in the transfer process by slicing up files into manageable chunks (i.e. 1.4 MB for floppy disks). These chunks can be sent separately and then merged together at the other end.

NOTE: These projects may require one or more extra files to work. If you are receiving errors when trying to launch these applications, make sure that you read the note in bold at the bottom of that application's webpage before sending in an error report.

Last modified: 08/07/06
Copyright (c) 2004 Michael Lam